Learn and practice the basics of financial statements while playing Buy & Sell in a 2 players game. You are an Entrepreneur starting a business. You will have to raise funds to buy either 1 or 2 machines that will allow you to start buy and build your first pieces, then sell them. Cash Flow Statement, Income Statement in a simplified P&L or Balance Sheet : maximize your Equity Value and win!




Learn and practice the basics of managing a Private Equity fund while playing Invest & Grow in a 2 players game. You are a Fund Manager starting a fund. You will have to raise funds to invest in different businesses, then divest them. Enterprise Value multiples, Portfolio Companies' Growth management, Carried Interest, Management Fees, gross and net Internal Rate of Return : maximize your net IRR and win!




Learn and practice the basics of M&A while playing Create & Build in a 2 players game. You are a Business Owner pursuing a Corporate Growth strategy. You will have to buy-out different businesses, find new investors, negotiate the best Deal, and optimize the Debt Leverage. Watch your interest rates, market conditions, cost of capital, and more! Choose to go on with the deal, or do not : maximize your Equity Value and win!

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