What-if analysis is the basis process supporting most decisions. It can be leveraged to balance performance and risk management impacts of a strategic decision.

What-if scenarios include : sensitivity analysis for changes in a deal negotiation process, monitoring and alert while running day-to-day business, plan/build/prepare corporate strategies implementation, find ways to exceed competition or your own plan, etc.

To get the most of what-if analysis in a value creation management perspective, we've created:

  • IRRQuest® Value Management solution : a set of powerful integrated tools built upon our proprietary Value Framework.

  • edXirr by IRRQuest® solution : a set of online collaborative integrated tools that can scale up to IRRQuest® Value Management solution, which makes it the smartest way to learn and practice business management in a value creation perspective.

From IRRQuest® Value Management Dashboard, you will be able to set the simulations parameters, from predefined scenarios or built-in without any limitation. From edXirr Dashboard, you will get standard configuration to learn and practice real business financials that fit with most of the situations and prepare you for the next steps. 


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