edXirr by IRRQuest™



edXirr by IRRQuest®

edXirr is a suite of integrated financials models and business sensitivity algorithms that can be both customized on-demand, with a lot of highly valuable functionalities natively integrated.

Visit edXirr.com to have an overall presentation of this amazing solution.

We provide Corporate Education (both students and teachers), Finance Professionals and Business Executives with the possibility to buy our standard solutions in the shop section of the website, all parts of edXirr full solution.

The currently available standard solutions - all integrated dynamic online solutions that allow collaborative work, in French and English - include :

  • 'BFinput' suite: Basis Financials (integrated income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement);

  • 'AFinput' suite: Advanced Financials (the necessary step to the ultimate edXirr!);

  • 'SBFinput' suite: Sensitivity Basis Financials (integrated upside/downside scenarios :

        1-sales, 2-costs, 3-working capital, 4-fixed assets, 5-all together);

  • 'SCBFinput' suite: Sensitivity Custom Basis Financials (you can build your own scenarios).

Ask for a demo of the full edXirr and be prepared for the price because you'll want it!

We'll build use cases to demonstrate how you can leverage it, but you can already figure out while trying it for free. Just get there with the login information you received, and... enjoy!

Note: the free trial version is based on the SCBFinput Single User Standard Edition ; depending on the browser you will use, we recommend you to adjust the zoom at your convenience, say 75%.

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